Hello fellow humans and earthlings alike,

2021 is looking to be just about as trying a time as 2020 was. We must all focus on the positive things in life like love, trust, hope and freedom and pull together no matter what one’s personal biases are.


Remember how we used to deal with those? Like, talking about them, debating, or even engaging in heated discussion? That’s what good conversation used to be all about. But now it seems like everyone is just looking to pick sides and light a fire to an uncrossable middle ground.

Indeed, in uncertain and dire times like these music can be an outlet to escape the frustrating realities that weight down our spirit. Since March 2020, when the pandemic took hold of our beloved music industry, I have done my best to strive for positivity (though it hasn’t been easy at times, hell no!) and work as true to my musical spirit as possible. There is so much negative noise and static out there in the world these days and it seems to be nothing but a downer. Without trying to deny the brutal truths of the world that we are living in now by burying my head in the sand, I’ve passed the time working away in my studio writing and recording new music.

I offer what I can through musical experience and the ultimate immediate expression.

Please enjoy responsibly….

Maybe with a few libations of your choice or whatever floats your boat. Ok, let’s hit it!