Jan 2021

I’m still here folks. I have recently released some new tunes on youtube that I wrote and recorded mid 2020. And now as sort of a soft release thing they can be found here:

I’ll be posting them together with several other songs I’m working on as a real EP or LP to be released and distributed thru Distrokid sometime soon… I hope. From all this self imposed isolation and following “social distancing” it hasn’t been easy to get the musical mood going at times. Frankly, more often than not there are moments where I feel like I’m just sick of myself. Picking up a guitar at times feels like a dead and weathered stick from an endless grey bog… like the dead swamp Frodo and Sam crossed with Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings on their way to Mordor. Some days I swear I’m walking in that direction.

BUT….. hang on, as of late there have been moments where I have found some clarity and peace, I have no idea how though and despite no interaction with any musical buds, or anybody really, several new song ideas are blooming. I’ve started recording a few and have abandoned as many. We’ll see what ends up sticking in the next few weeks.

Be safe out there and unfortunately… please just stay home if you can or this covid thing will never end. No conspiracy theorists or anti maskers will help in this, it’s global, it’ll just keep going on and on… endlessly

Summer 2020… happened

I gotta keep an eye on this blog page. Been too long. Summer 2020. Been getting together, safely and distanced, to work on an internet TV show with my pals Noel Copeman and Al. there’s a bunch of episodes you can check out here:

What else?… Well all venues are still closed and all my friends live music venues with the exception of the Cameron House have closed 🙁

May 2020

Folks, been coping with all y’all as best I can. We’re all in this together as they are saying. Just staying in and working on some tunes.

March 2020

Oh god, I’m fearing the worst about all the new virus news. My gigs are getting cancelled all over the place… not good

Jan 2020

Been writing and recording a ton… also been shedded my butt off working up two new shows right after the Queen mini tour. Gonna be performing as Lindsey in Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and as George again in Beatles, Let It Be.

Some Florida dates coming up for Eagles and then back home for Simon and Garfunkel and Tom Petty shows… my head is about to explode… with music!!! Help

Nov 2019

Heading to Oregon for a couple show’s with the Classic Albums group… this is gonna be nuts cause we’re doing Queen, A night At The Opera!

Oct 2019

Classic Albums Live

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be performing as George (not in costume!) in Classic Albums Live’s Abbey Road coming up.

Summer 2019

Ok… back again after a bit. Well, had my family out here in Toronto for the month of July. Took my Dad on a double gig day. Super fun and hot as hell out there. At the night gig my dad got up, took me guitar and sang pretty much the entire second with Matty and Chris! Haha It was awesome!

Mar 2019

Busy week of music here in Toronto. Had a blast with some of Toronto’s most notable musical veterans last Thursday at the Orbit Room, Chris Caddell, Milos Angelov, Al Webster & Jesse O’Brien. We went back to the roots and played mostly blues and R&B. The kind of stuff I grew up cutting my teeth on. I was also in the studio working new material and gigging around Toronto and Georgetown with Matthew Glowacki and Joseph Rebello over the weekend.

Photo by Rick O’Brien

APR 1-8 Week Of Music & Gracelyn Wright’s New Song

I’d like to introduce my daughter Gracelyn Wright! She’s just a 10 years old and a budding and very talented upcoming singer songwriter. She recently sang me a song she wrote and asked if I’d help her record it. Of course I said! So we did just that. I would like to point out that this is her song, I did not help with any arranging or lyrics or lyric melody. I’m so proud of her for coming up with this song!

1st Post, Welcome To My New Website!

Holy crap! I’ve finally done it… here’s to after way, waaaayyy too long to getting a website up a running.

So Welcome and please keep in touch. Look forward to meeting more of you all the time bringing some news and adventures as they come!