Pat Wright is a Toronto based Canadian singer-songwriter guitarist. As a recording artist he has released two feature length albums. He has also performed with many Canadian major label and independent artists such as The New Meanies, McMaster and James, The Wilkinsons, Michelle Wright, JP Hoe and Keith and Renee. In 1998 he performed on a Juno Award winning album and in 2006 he performed in Afghanistan for Canadian troops. 2009 saw Pat join the Broadway musical theatre hit The Jersey Boys for over 700 shows. In 2013-14 he performed with Southern Ground recording artists Dugas supporting Zac Brown.

One day, while living in a bachelor on Spence St. he saw a poster advertising Saturday afternoon blues jams at an old church that had been retrofitted into a venue called The West End Cultural Centre. It was here that Pat would meet working musicians for the first time. After attending several Saturday afternoon jams Pat met enough players where he soon began to play gigs around town in the blues venues. Pat soon became a fixture in the Winnipeg blues scene. But despite enjoying the blues gigs he wanted to write outside the blues genre with a band of his own.

Around 1992-93 Pat formed a band called Beggar Fusion with some old high school friends. The Beggar Fusion played all around Winnipeg with other well-known independent rock bands at the time like The Blue Meanies and Bent Out of Shape. These three bands became known as the “Charleswood Contingent”, being that they were all from the neighborhood of Charleswood, Winnipeg. But yet again drugs and lifestyle took its toll on band members and the Beggar Fusion ended.

After the Beggar Fusion Pat temporarily joined his friends in the band The Blue Meanies. However, it soon became evident that still, Pat had to follow his own musical journey.

Around that time in 1998, Pat found himself lounging around a music studio called Sunshine Records with friend Leigh Filbert. One of the producers in the studio asked Pat if he’d like to play several acoustic guitar tracks on an album they were recording, of course Pat obliged, and that album went on to win a Juno for Best of Aboriginal.

For the next several years Pat collaborated with many acts and eventually met Sherry St. Germain. Pat & Sherry cofounded one of Winnipeg’s most well-known original “Live House” bands known as Pope’s Hill. For the next year Pope’s Hill established itself as one of Winnipeg’s most exciting acts.

Around 2002 local acts and show bands began hiring Pat as a guitarist for hire. During this period the experience as a musician for hire proved invaluable for his chart reading skills and increasing versatility in multiple musical genres. It wasn’t long before Pat would get the chance to work for more serious musical acts and major label recording artists began hiring Pat. It was at this time that he began performing with well-known Winnipeg recording artists Keith and Renée, JP Hoe and Alana Levandoski. Pat played guitar on JP’s first EP and began performing and recording with BMG recording artists McMaster and James. During these years Pat toured extensively around Western and Eastern Canada.

Soon Pat began to tour regularly with Canadian EMI recording artist Amanda Stott. Pat now found himself as a busy working musician for hire with some of Canada’s most successful radio-recording artists. Pat also kept up with his own song writing and in 2004 he recorded an album entitled Magnetic.

Around 2005 Pat joined Amanda Stott and Steve Broadhurst on a tour of Afghanistan performing for Canada’s troops.  This was a dynamic and emotionally trying tour and for the first time Pat was seeing the Theater of War first-hand. The feature concert on this tour was to be the Kandahar Airfield Base Concert in Afghanistan. However, this concert was cut short by the death of a Canadian soldier killed in action just outside the base. It was an extremely emotional and sensitive time for everybody present; for the first time in Patrick’s life he really felt alone and even frightened to be so far from home.

During the next two years he continued working with Amanda Stott but he also formed a new band under his name. A new original release was in the works for 2007. This would be a self-titled release under new management with Glen Willows at Burning Circus Mgmt.

In 2008 PW moved to Toronto to perform as a multi-instrumentalist in the Broadway musical theater hit The Jersey Boys, playing eight shows a week for two years from late 2008 to 2011.

Now a Toronto resident, PW met EMI recording artist Mike Slute during a meeting with Canadian EMI Music Publishing President Mike McCarty. Mike Slute and Patrick Wright began a long and fruitful song writing collaboration.

A while later he was reunited with close friends, brother and sister duo, Christian & Sara Dugas who had just landed a Recording deal with Zac Brown’s record label Southern Ground. For the next year and a half, he toured the southern USA and Caribbean with “Dugas”. Amid these tours Pat met and shared the stage with some of America’s finest Country and Americana musicians such as Grammy Winner Jim Lauderdale, Edwin McCain, and Joe Purdy . These players and experiences had a great imprint on him – beautiful swooping harmonies, contrasting instrumentation, silky textures of the predominately American Folk acoustic music – in such a way that from that moment on he would begin to explore and write in the Americana genre from time to time.

PW continued to write and collaborate with many musicians across Canada over the following 3 years and eventually moved back to Winnipeg from 2015 – 2016 where he rejoined some of his old musical colleagues from the New Meanies and All the Kings Men.

In 2017 a return to Toronto ensued and PW resumed song writing and performing with many Toronto artists as well as writing commercially for local music houses. Currently, Pat continues to work on original material for future releases.